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Film, documentaries, commercials I have worked on...


Camps, the secrets of Chinese power. By Tania Rakhmanova - ARTE - Yami2

When science leads the investigation. By Martin Blanchard - FRANCE 5 - Elephant Prod

Searching for the lost collection of Ambroise Vollard. By Tania Rakhmanova. ARTE - Slow Production


Murder in Amiens. By Vincent Trisollini - FRANCE 3 - QUAD Drama

The sect. By Bruno Joucla - SALTO - Whats'up films

History of a Nation. By Stéphane Corréa - France 2 - Point du jour - Les films du balibari

Cataclysm, the great regulators. By Christine Tournadre France 5 - Pressure cookers productions

PAR(V)IS. By Margaux Wicart - La Cie Harpagon - Theater Montmartre Galabru (Theatre)

Roda Favella, dances and hopes. Martin Lalaubie. France 3 - APC


In the mind of champions. By Jean-Yves Cauchard - ARTE - Kino Presse

Eternal youth. Thierry V. de Lestrade, Sylvie Gilman - ARTE - Galaxie Presse

China in Antarctica, behind the scenes of an ambition. By Olivier Truc, Bruno Joucla - ARTE - Brother Films

Lustucru gnocchi - family favorites. By Sophie Legendre-Rozenbaum. (advertisement)

Undressed. From Elina Street - BEHIND THE DOORS - TURNERS FILMS (short film)


SIXT. Off-Screen Agency (advertising)

The psychiatrist and the murderer. By Agnès Pizzini - FRANCE 2 - MINUTE COOKERS

Fractal the album. Cézame Music Agency (album)

Interpol a police under influence. By Samuel Lajus- ARTE - MINUTE COOKERS

Epic Strings. BMG (album)

Microbiota, the fabulous powers of the stomach. By Thierry De Lestrade and Sylvie Gilman - ARTE - Yuzu

Of High Struggle. By Maurice Ferlet - APC - FRANCE 3



Sushi Shop - Off-Screen Agency (advertising)

Allons-enfants - By Sylvie Perrin - MINUTE COOKERS

Roberto the canary. By Nathalie Saugeon - 10:15! Productions (short film)

Fractal - By Jérémy Minui - MIDNIGHT CUT (series)

DEVA. By Eric Beauducelle - France Ô - EKLA Films

Tomorrow all cretins - By S.Gilman and T. de Lestrade - ARTE - YUZU PRODUCTIONS


Miss Popcorn. By Jérémy Minui (Short film)

George Gasté, the Brahmin bath. By Aude de Toqueville (theater)

48H. By Remy Burkel. FRANCE 5 - WHAT'S UP FILMS (documentary fiction)

Heroines. By Audrey Estrougo - ARTE - ELZEVIR FILMS (TV movie in 3 episodes)

Dead under x. By Agnès Pizzini - FRANCE 5 - MINUTE COOKERS (documentary)

Towards an altruistic world? By T. de Lestrade and S. Gilman - ARTE - VIA DECOUVERTES (documentary)



THE TEAM By Jérémy Minui - CANAL PLAY - GB PROD (series)

Curiosity, adventures & love. De Sunshine de Leon - USA 

The Land of Green Gold. By Eric Beauducel - FRANCE 5 - EKLA

Savage. By Jean-Yves Cauchard - PLANETE THALASSA - MFP

Pictures of peace. By Remy Burkel - ARTE - ITV STUDIO FRANCE

License to kill. By Agnès Pizzini - FRANCE 2 - MINUTE COOKERS 

France at war. By Martin Blanchard - FRANCE 2 - KUIV PRODUCTIONS

Europe 1, a radio in history. By Pascal Forneri - FRANCE 5 - FREE ELECTRONS



3 X Manon. By Jean-Xavier de Lestrade - ARTE - IMAGE & Cie (telefilm in 3 episodes)

Autism: meet eyes. By Martin Blanchard - ARTE - CINETEVE

Juan de la cosa. By Jean-Yves Cauachard - PLANETE THALASSA - MFP

Judge Petain. By Philippe Saada. FRANCE 5 - PLANET - MAHA PRODUCTIONS

Joe Dassin: the novel of his life. By Pascal Forneri - FRANCE 3 - AND THE FOLLOWING...PRODUCTIONS



Intimate conviction. By Rémy Burkel - ARTE - MAHA PRODUCTIONS (TV movie)

Alone at sea. By Thierry Robert - PLANETE THALASSA - MFP

Galabru the unclassifiable. By Michel Guillem - PARIS PREMIERE - APC

Corsica Story. By Agnès Pizzini - PLANET - SUBJECTIVE CAMERA

Marseille Story.  By Christophe Lancelloti - PLANET - SUBJECTIVE CAMERA

Tax evasion: the heist of the century. By Xavier Harel & Remy Burkel - ARTE - MAHA PRODUCTIONS 



Dalloyau. By Ilan Teboul - ZELOTES FILMS (advertisement)

Helmut. By Eric Turpin - TURPIN ET FILLES PRODUCTIONS (short film)

The carafe takes from the bottle. By Sylvie Briet - PARIS PREMIERE - APC

The missing from the A26. By Martin Blanchard - FRANCE 2 - MAHA PRODUCTIONS

The mythical routes: the former Yugoslavia. By Sybille d'orgeval - FRANCE 5 - BO WORK!

Nuclear Tests: An Unending Legacy. By Thierry Derouet - FRANCE Ô - BONOBO PRODUCTION 



TCHIP.  By Emannuel Amara  - OFF SCREEN (advertisement)

CGY General Council of Yvelines. By Ilan Teboul - ANGIE INTERACTIVE (advertisement)

Kings & Queens of New York. By Remy Burkel - ARTE - MAHA PRODUCTIONS

The GreenPeace adventure. By Thierry Vincent de Lestrade - FRANCE 5 - WHATS'UP FILMS

New York Confidential. 5x43'. By Remy Burkel, J. Du Pasquier... - ARTE - MAHA PRODUCTIONS



Salon Immo 2010. By Charles Prunel - OFF SCREEN (advertising)

Day of doubts, album 3rd time - Grand Corps Malade - UNVERSAL - DJANIK (artist)

Chocolate freaks. By Martin Blanchard - EXPLORER DOC - FRANCE 3

You, me, the others. By Audrey Estrougo. MARS DISTRIBUTION - FIDELITY FILMS




Bull-X. By Marc Obin - ALTER PERSONA FILMS (advertisement)

Angel!. By Charles Prunel - HORS ECRAN PRODUCTIONS (advertisement)

Seine Ark. By Thierry Kubler - FORUM DES IMAGES (institutional)

Do not forget me. By Katia Grivot - UTOPIE FILMS - FRANCE 2

Blind love. By Milka Assaf - France 3 - Maha Productions

Made in China. By Jean-Yves Cauchard - FRANCE 5 - IKARI FILMS

Palace in Monaco. By Philippe Prigent - FRANCE 3 - Maha Productions

Rear-view mirror, city children's album. Grand Corps Malade - UNVERSAL - DJANIK (artist)

Midi 20, album Midi 20. Grand Corps Malade - UNIVERSAL - RAOUL BRETON EDITIONS (artist)

The orphans of God. By Philippe Prigent - FRANCE 5 - MAHA PRODUCTIONS

Bread, oil and corruption. By Remy Burkel & Denis Poncet. ARTE - MAHA PRODUCTIONS

You have a geranium growing in your back. By David Santini - ELECTRIC SHEEP 

The new paradises: Oman the happy Arabia. By Rémy Burkel - ARTE - WHATS'UP FILMS

Nuclear tests: what truths. By Thierry Derouet - RFO - LCP - BONOBO PRODUCTIONS

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